Onomatopoeia in Anni?

Onomatopoeia… anyone know how to do it?

Specifically, I would like to write syllables with precise vowel sounds using the Anniversary vowel diacritics, and have some other signifier mark to note that this is onomatopoeia. Like the signifier mark for proper nouns, etc. I figure much onomatopoeia is probably already a brief form.

Like different laugh sounds for instance: ha, hah, hee hee, haw, mwah mwah mwah… etc.

You might have guessed I’m making shorthand childrens’ books! ;D

I hope my large-size shorthand is looking good! (although the diaper-butt cartoon at the end leaves something to be desired admittedly…)  XD


(PS I just noticed I’m missing the vowel diacritic on the “so” – I fixed that just now on my hardcopy.)

————–* edits *———————————-
Carlos’ suggestion to use quotes was great!  Posting the book now:

Oops – “roll” has a dash diacritic mark, I added this just now.
And… now I have to rewrite my hardcopy b/c that’s “crawl” not “roll”.
I’m leaving this little back&forth up here to help encourage myself to stop slacking off and read more shorthand myself!

(my daughter has a slight addiction to being held and bounced on a “yoga ball”…)   😀

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  1. Why do you want the specific mark? Since it is something that someone said, wouldn't quotes be sufficient? In shorthand plates, sometimes these onomatopeias are quoted, sometimes they are just written with the diacriticals, and other times they are just written in print.

    Incidentally, there is no e in diaper (d-broken a circle-p-r) in Anniversary.

    (BTW, I love the diaper cartoon, hehe.)

    1. Hi Carlos, thanks for the help! The quotes idea works great – I updated the post with the results.

      Thanks for the tip about "diaper", I'm relying heavily on the Anni dictionary and on the folder of indexed words from David's flashcard download to check for errors, and "diaper" wasn't in those. But quickly searching up words from the folder of image files is a super valuable resource!


      I'm going to leave out all phrasing and separate all words for purposes of language acquisition, though, as this is her first reading script, before standard English written script.

      My spacings and proportions are pretty rough, what with the wide tip marker and the limited space, but I try to get most things basically right. I suppose as she grows older I can throw these books away! Quantity over quality at this stage!!


    2. Hi Philip,

      Yeah… even if I can commit the time to learning it myself, I'm realizing the value of an easier learning curve to get my wife and maybe others on-borad. So DJ would have a lot of pros, but I was originally sold on "speed", so I'm already all geared up for Anni. And most of the novels are written in Anni or Pre-Anni, so I figure I'll just stay the course… Thanks for the idea though!!


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