Why I Believe in Poverty

This article by the Dutch-born American editor and Pulitzer Prize winner Edward Bok appeared in the April 1915 issue of Ladies’ Home Journal, where he was the editor at the time. The article was so successful that all copies of the magazine were sold, and the article had to be reprinted by popular demand. Its overall message is still very applicable in today’s modern society. Mr. Bok’s example is one that people in his situation should emulate. I wrote it in Anniversary for the group.

Attachment: why-i-believe-in-poverty.pdf

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  1. Wowww, Carlos, this is the first time seeing your shorthand style and it looks amazing! Sometimes when reading the book plates I forget that there's a human that wrote them. I guess this is the first time I've read high-quality shorthand from someone who I've actually corresponded with in-person. The consistency of the proportion and the spacing is admirable! I guess I might be a little inspired… :O !!!

    Did you write a bunch of drafts before this one came out, or is this your one-and-done handwriting?

    Maybe I'll start a thread soon where many folks can post links to their work! Or maybe would it be better for member-writing to be a Table of Contents category? I suppose I could start with making a post myself and see how it goes! 😀

    1. Thank you! I write just one draft. There were some small things I corrected, but it's a one-shot deal.

      I should post samples of my very early writing. It's legible, but not very pretty. I still have an old notebook somewhere …

      I'll be writing more for the blog, as I have lots of interesting articles and stories that are good practice material. I hope it inspires others to write. (Besides, shorthand was meant to be written, right?)

  2. Whoa! I saw this post before, but I guess I missed that YOU wrote it Carlos. Wonderful handwriting. Wish I could understand it, but I'm still on DJS. Any chance you could write something in DJS for us? I'm getting really sick of reading business letters!

    1. I keep them straight because for the most part I know the rules for each series, so it is not that hard to write once you know the major differences. Plus if I have doubts about something, I have a dictionary handy!

      In my own writing, I write Anniversary mixed with Pre-anniversary and reporting shortcuts. So in real life, yes, I write a mixture!

  3. Carlos, if you wanted to sell, glossy paper periodicals, I think you'd have some lifetime subscribers here!  That is beautiful.  Thank you so very much.

    Teri, thanks very much for the key.  🙂

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