Gregg Shorthand Reader 1912 – Color Scan

The Gregg Shorthand Reader (1912) contains reprints of shorthand plates from issues of the Gregg Writer magazine. This book matches the 1902 Gregg Shorthand manual.

There is another version of this book on the Internet Archive that is difficult to read. It was scanned in black and white from an original copy with faded plates. This is a color scan of an original copy with plates that are not faded.

It’s nice to have readable shorthand plates for these articles. When these plates originally appeared in the Gregg Writer magazine, they were faded. This makes the available black-and-white Google Books Gregg Writer scans of these plates very difficult to read. Some of them are almost invisible.

If you search through the indexes on the Gregg Writer Google Books scans, you can find Shorthand plate English keys for all of the readings in this book. Prior to September 1918, the keys to the shorthand plates were published in the next month’s issue.

Here is the link for the Gregg Shorthand Reader 1912 Color Scan on the Internet Archive:

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  1. Here is an English key for the Gregg Shorthand Reader (1912).  This PDF file consists of Gregg Writer shorthand plate key pages from various scanned sources.  The page sizes and resolutions vary greatly. Viewing this document in a web browser does not work. Use any standalone PDF reader.  There is a table of contents for reference. Use the bookmarks in the PDF file to view the individual keys for the articles. 

    Please access the PDF file for this book from the ZIP file on this webpage.

    Gregg Shorthand Reader 1912 Key

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