Gregg Medical Shorthand Books – Which Series?

EDIT 2020-05-01: Found another Gregg medical steno book on, added it and updated the count of Gregg medical shorthand books.

Hello all, I’m trying to figure out which Gregg medical shorthand book to get. I poked around the blog archives, but I wasn’t able to find the exact answer to my question. So far as I’ve been able to find, there are at least six Gregg medical shorthand books.

  • Gregg Medical Shorthand Manual, 1927, Effie B. Smither
    • I’m assuming this has to be Pre-Anni since it was published before 1929?
    • There appears to be a second edition published in 1942. Does anyone know if there were any significant changes between the two editions?
  • The Medical Stenographer, 1939, Effie B. Smither
    • Does anyone which series this book adheres to? Is this perhaps the Anniversary edition?
  • The Medical Secretary: Terminology & Transcription, 1952, by Kathleen Berger Root and Edward E. Byers
    • Adheres to Simplified
  • Dictation for the Medical Secretary, 1952, Kathleen Berger Root
    • Adheres to Simplified, according to this post.
  • Gregg Medical Shorthand and Dictionary, 1953, Effie B. Smither
  • Gregg Medical Shorthand Dictionary, 1976, Byers et al.
    • The introduction does not explicitly state which series this book adheres to, but it refers to some Simplified-esque principals of “less abbreviation rule memorization make it easier to call an outline to mind.” Could also adhere to a later series, I’m guessing. A search for “cardio” confirms that it isn’t using the reversed ‘r,’ but turns of the tail of the ‘r’ as in the ‘l-d’ rule. Does anyone know any more details regarding series?

Does anyone know of any others?

I’m looking for a version consistent with Anniversary. If there isn’t one, I’m guessing the Pre-Anni version would also serve. Any more information would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. The Medical Stenographer and the second edition of Gregg Medical Shorthand Manual, both by Effie Smither, are Anniversary books. The differences between the second and first editions of the Gregg Medical Shorthand Manual are really trivial. They're both good books in that they give you the foundation to write medical terminology in an abbreviated fashion. (However, you won't be reading about MRIs or organ transplants …).

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