Down the Mountain – Part 2

This is the second and final part of last month’s article about the fascinating sport of bobsledding, here transcribed by me for the blog in Anniversary.

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  1. Well after reading this (and part 1) I should be able to jump into a bob-sled and win a race or two.

    I’ve some questions as usual though:
    p2c1l20 – 1st outline
    p2c2l20 – “driver ? the whole show”
    p4c2l16 – 1st outline

    and clarifications:
    p3c2l21/22 – is it “unusually high”?
    p5c1l5 – is the second outline “fun”
    p5c1l6 presumably the last outline is “chocolate”.

    I encountered a confusion between “line “and “lane”. (p4c1l22 outline 2; pc1l22 last outline; and p4c2l2; p4c2l3.)  Whichever word it is makes a sort of sense but in this case the dictionary l-a-n for line may be ambiguous. (Is that why you used l-i-n when we first encountered the word?)

    1. The word was “line” in all instances; I thought I had corrected all the “line” outlines, but I missed two. Here are the other ones:

      p2c1l20 – “It must have”
      p2c2l20 – “driver seems to be the whole show”
      p4c2l16 – “first class”
      p3c2l21/22 – “unusually icy”
      p5c1l5 – “foreign”
      p5c1l6 – “chocolate”

      Incidentally, if there is a need to distinguish between “line” and “lane”, I would mark the long a in “lane” accordingly to make it clear.

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