Compilation of “Internet Archive” Shorthand Resources

For those who don’t know, the Internet Archive is a crowd-sourced document database for many public-domain or copyright-free materials. I’m sure many of us have been quite pleasantly surprised at how well-stocked Internet Archive is for Gregg Shorthand documents! I wanted to compile a list of the resources available on the site for easier saving/viewing access.

A little over a year ago, I created a document compiling all the uploaded titles pertaining to Gregg Shorthand in the Internet Archive; earlier today, I dug up the document from my drive and added Internet Archive links. The compilation mostly consists of older, fully copyright-free titles for now (downloadable, not just borrow-able on the site), which means the large majority of included titles are for 4th Edition, Pre-Anniversary and Anniversary. I hope to add additional titles that only have “borrowing” capability on the site. However, there are also some other documents (studies, advice books, dictation guides, teaching books) that could be of interest to anyone studying Gregg Shorthand.

The documents are organized under edition, but since I only had the archive description and publishing dates to go off of, it’s very possible (even likely!) that some of the books are marked under the wrong header. Please feel free to correct it if you wish!

Document link, please feel welcome to edit (Google Doc). A pdf (static version, cannot be updated, may have errors) can be found here.

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  1. This is excellent, Madeline! I would add that there are additional Simplified and Diamond Jubilee resources for electronic borrowing than those that you have listed on Nevertheless, this list serves as a starting point. Thank you for putting it together.

  2. Excellent list. I have several of the anniversary stories which I printed over 10 years ago (but that could not have been from this archive as they cannot be printed or downloaded). I had not come across the ERIC STUDIES ever before.
    After looking under “teaching” I searched elsewhere if there was an electronic “Methods of Teaching Gregg Shorthand” by Leslie but there wasn’t.

    1. There’s a whole series of “teaching shorthand” books. I’m sure I don’t have a handle on all of them.

      Leslie authored “The Teaching of Gregg Shorthand by the Functional Method”, published in 1935.

      Then there’s “Methods of Teaching Transcription”, published in 1949.

      “Methods of Teaching Gregg Shorthand” was published by McGraw-Hill in 1953.

      And there’s a much newer “Methods of Teaching Shorthand and Transcription” by Crank, Anderson, and Peterson, published by McGraw-Hill in 1982.

      Of course there were earlier books for shorthand teachers as well.


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