Learning by Heart

In this essay transcribed by me in Anniversary Gregg, British judge and advocate Vernon Lushington tells us the importance of learning things by heart.

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  1. Thank you for this. I always find this topic interesting as having taught secondary school through the 80’s onwards I was aware that “learning by heart” was considered outdated. This was certainly never my view and as a shorthand writer I’m not sure how I could have learned it without repetition. Interestingly, repetition learning has recently re-emerged under a variety of new names.
    I have been gifted a number of old Shhd workbooks with lines of repeated phrases and shortforms (Pitman term I think), some dating back to 1870’s.
    I would really appreciate a transcript of this Lushington’s words or a link to it. I confess to being a Pitmanite, so therefore cannot read the beautiful outlines in this post.🙁 Thank you.

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