Gregg Shorthand Book Covers

Here is a document I had created a while back too, but was unable to post in MSN, due to file size limitations. It contains covers of several Gregg Shorthand books, and it is classified by Series. Could you please let me know if I had missed a book?  I would like to keep this list as current (?) as possible.

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  1. Great chart! I don't think I see the DJS manual from the library. Oh, dear, I need to take the kids to the library. What a hardship. I also don't see The Story of Gregg Shorthand. I'm scanning it now. What address should I email it too, and what format would you like?

  2. Thanks Cricket. I only included student books on this list. That's why you don't see any of the history books, teacher's manuals, etc. But you can post any covers on this thread as well.

  3. My Pre-Anniversary book arrived today. It has the writing in black on the front, rather than in gold. It has Beacom College at the bottom of the cover, centered. And below that, Wilmington, Delaware, and, Salisbury, Maryland. Perhaps the black ink, rather than gold, and the simple binding, budget paper, etc., indicate that there were student editions.

    Mine belonged to Evelyn Price, who had a pen with a wonderfully fine point. Even my dip pens don't write that fine. There is a note in the book which she wrote in pencil, on the back of a reading or dictation she'd typed up from "Robinson Crusoe". Nice to have a bit of history of the person who first used this book.

  4. Great idea!!!! I did not see my Gregg Shorthand Manual Simplified, Second Edition; however, I did see the first edition, and they look identical. I also did not see my dark blue with green bookcover, Gregg Shorthand Dictionary Simplified, Gregg-Leslie-Zoubek/ McGraw-Hill, 1960-RD-13.

    James O. Moyer, III CSR

  5. Hey! Sorry for the false alarm. Upon a second look-see, I did spot the Gregg Shorthand Manual Simplified, Second Edition. It is there. Sorry. I just could not see the "Second Edition" in the picture.

    I looked through again and still did not see the Gregg Shorthand Dictionary Simplified, McGraw-Hill, Gregg, Leslie, Zoubek. I also did not see a "goodie," which is a reprint and still available today. That is "Most Used Shorthand Words and Phrases: Classified According to the Lessons in The Gregg Shorthand Manual Simplified," McGraw-Hill, Gregg, Leslie, Zoubek, 1951, Aug. 1958-RD, Code No. 24542. The original plates and text are used.

    Thanks. Again, sorry for the false alarm.


  6. Thanks, McBud. I took your advice and checked out Pages 11 and 12. My Gregg Shorthand Dictionary Simplified is not there. Maybe I have a different version. Yes, I am in the U.S. My copy has no printing on the cover, only the spine, and it navy blue. It came with a bookcover that is green.

    I did see the original print of "Most Used" there, however. Mine is the reprint.



  7. "Most Used Shorthand Words and Phrases: Classified According to the Lessons in The Gregg Shorthand Manual Simplified," McGraw-Hill, Gregg, Leslie, Zoubek, 1951, Aug. 1958-RD, Code No. 24542.

    Which edition of Simplified does this go with? The 1955 version that is still being sold or the earlier 1st edition? I see that this was originally published in 1951, so I am guessing that it goes with the 1st edition of Simplified.

    1. It goes with any edition of Simplified. The lesson content in both editions is the same, although the reading material may be slightly different. This is an excellent reference to have, as the material is correlated with the manuals.

      Likewise, the "Word List of Gregg Shorthand Simplified" and the "Gregg Shorthand Dictionary Simplified" are exactly the same book, with different titles.

  8. I picked up a few things off of eBay that aren't on this list for the 1916 pre-anniversary edition – the 1916 supplementary exercises book accompanying the 1916 handbook and the 1916 Gregg Shorthand Progressive Exercises. When I receive them, I may scan them and ask Carlos to upload them here – or I could put them on

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