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I’ve just found what I think was causing my posting problems. I made almost 15 attempts to post or comment to the forum. Only one or two succeeded. Turns out those were written in Firefox. Those that failed were in Safari. (I’m on a Mac).

Clearly there’s a Safari-related bug in Multiply.

(Course it also doesn’t help that this — effectively a mailing forum — is called a “blog” in the multiply system)

(by thomsk for everyone)

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  1. It took a while to get used to the multiply blog post system, but it's the most similar to the MSN groups way of handling posts and responses, so maybe it was easier for those of us coming over to multiply from the MSN Gregg group.

    Glad you found a way to post.

  2. I'm using a Mac, with Safari. I haven't noticed anything unusual or problematic. I just needed a little while to get used to the layout here.

  3. I found several problems.

    First, posts seemed to be accepted (i.e. no error message) but they then never appeared.
    Second, the one post I managed to get through got all the blank lines I'd used for formatting removed.
    Third, comments also seemed to get lost.
    Fourth, on the odd time I did get a comment in, it first insisted on me logging in again, even though I was already logged in.

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