1958 Shorthand Ad

Found this in an old magazine I got from a second hand store for .25 cents. It’s from a Wordbasket magazine. It’s for speedwriting, but I thought it was interesting enough to shar anyway. For some reason my eye caught this particular ad when flipping through the magazine… hmm… 😉

(by Deborah for everyone)

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  1. Look, how nice.
    When Cuba was still included as an encouraged place to go to. Sigh..
    I'm not Cuban.. but I do feel the Cuban/American conflict is ridiculous and should be dissolved.

    This ad reminds me of the Short-Cut Shorthand text book I have. Its easy, however I find it just a way of abbreviating most words to sounds.. Makes it kinda pointless if you're trying to learn shorthand in symbols. I like to be discrete about what I write.. Especially my TOP SECRET INVETIONS!!!

    lol. 😛

  2. Tee hee. My top secret inventions include the kind of strange symbols found in the WorkBasket:

    ch 4, 2dc in 2nd ch, 3dc in 3rd ch, ch 2….

    If I changed the shortened words to shorthand, then I could write the shortest crochet patterns ever.

    Mmmm, or how about.:

    1/2 sgr
    1 bttr
    2 flr
    pnch slt

    For anyone interested:

    Those are the proportions for scrumptious shortbread. Mix, press in a pan, score for cutting later, and bake at 325 degrees (Fahrenheit). Cut while still quite warm. Let cool and eat!

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