Beaucoup de plats et treize desserts : le Reveillon du Noël provençal

The beautiful southern French region of Provence has its own Christmas traditions, including a big celebration on Christmas Eve, with lots of dishes and thirteen desserts! This article transcribed by me in Sténographie Gregg (Anniversary and Simplified) explains this tradition.

Attachment: beaucoup-de-plats-et-13-desserts-le-reveillon-du-noel-provencal-anniv.pdf

Attachment: beaucoup-de-plats-et-13-desserts-le-reveillon-du-noel-provencal-simpl.pdf

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  1. A couple of forms I didn’t understand (yet) but what I understood made me sweepingly hungry…

    Thank you, Carlos, for this French Gregg text so close from the previous one… 🙂

    (I was born in the South-East of France, not really the Provence but not very far neither… I remember fondly the “fougasse” and also the “dattes fourrées à la pâte d’amandes” you can see on the left of the picture and that one of my uncles liked so much making for this time of the year.)

    I’m working on my text, it’s just… I’m not yet satisfied with the result…

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