Soliciting ideas

The right hand side of the page (the blue bar), more specifically the area below the “Report Abuse” link, can be customized to add links, messages, or any html code. If you have ideas on how to use this space (or not use it), could you let me know?

Likewise, if you have suggestions to the site, please post them here.


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  1. Well, since we're all jumping in with suggestions, I'll add mine.

    Sorry, Chuck, came up entirely blank.

    I love that the main topics are across the top, and down the centre of the group.

    I couldn't think of a single thing that we might want to have in the blue bar.

    Then I thought maybe we could have some links:
    Andrew's site
    Marc's site
    Ms Letha's site

    Maybe the competitions' sites
    Pitman – they have Pitman Tamil shorthand!


  2. Hi Chuck,

    I have been helped a lot by your site. Thanks for providing the work so all this information is available.

    My only idea is it would be great to have some of the old posts highlighted. Since I am new to shorthand I could stand to read a lot about it. I have started going back through the years of posts that are here. I have found that the search is not very reliable. I will have gone back through posts and know a particular post exists but can't find it with the search. I normally find it manually by browsing through the archives.

    Anyway my idea is to have some of these old posts highlighted in a new post. For instance your reply to my writing question included a couple links to old posts that were terrific. It was better than a search because I knew that you thought that the solutions and information was correct.

    Anyway, thank you again for the work you have put into this. I am finding it very helpful as I learn.


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