Penmanship Practice – April 2022

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  1. While trying to improve my writing by copying this hard-to-grasp piece (well it was from old French and rather deep) I had long thinks and guesses before I guessed "admirable"; my dictionary has an 'a' at the start — which is inconsistent with "admire".  Voltaire's use of "dominated" was probably better in the original.  And I had to strain my mind to come to terms with "to make your mind".

    And I'll have to write it out many more times before I get my writing to be 'improving'.

    N.B. I did not get any emails this time — perhaps I have changed my profile somehow.

    1. Thanks for letting me know: I had left the a out thinking of "I admire."

      I checked and you're still on the blog subscribers by email list. I'm not sure what is going on.

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