Kit Carson

This is an short account of the fascinating life of Kit Carson, one of the most important figures in the westward expansion of the United States, written by American author, naturalist, and botanist Donald Culross Peattie. I transcribed it for the blog in Centennial Gregg.

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  1. I especially enjoyed the passages on Page 6 ” he saw the value in mutton and wool” and the sweet ending, “where the American wind goes whispering about him through piñon and mesquite.”  Again, my thanks – a challenging read and I am sure a challenge to transcribe!

    1. I’m so glad these are being read and enjoyed. I try to find interesting selections with varied vocabulary so that the transcription to shorthand is a fun activity. Besides, reading passages about reminders to “Mr. Brown” to pay his account due gets old and boring very quickly!

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