German Gregg

A while ago there was a post about wanting to know more about Gregg adapted to German.  Well, I found the book and have scanned it.  The adaptation was made in 1924 by Samuel V. Greenberg, and it is 91 pages long.  The funny thing about the book is it is written in English!
If anyone wants to take a look at it, let me know.  The file is rather large (93 Mb), so I won’t be able to e-mail it or post it here.
I would like to hear some comments about Greenberg’s adaptation.

(by Carlos for everyone)


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  1. Chuck, It was I enquiring about Gregg in German. Do you know where I can obtain a copy?  Could you perhaps tell us how he suggests writing peculiar German sounds ( umlaut on vowels, gutteral ch, etc.)? Any shortcuts  grammatically? I always enjoy your informative, sensible and quite sensitive posts.       DOC

  2. Interesting. Could you email me a copy, too. (I'd be delighted to reimburse for any expenses.)   Otherwise, if you could me the bibliographic information, I'd look for a copy on Ebay or   Brian

  3. One of the reasons I chose Gregg as a shorthand system was the potential to use it in both German and English. Does anyone have any experience using it for German? I know there's an official German shorthand system as well, but I didn't want to learn two completely different systems. 🙂

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