Let us debate in French Gregg

As Carlos once rightly pointed out, the French love to disagree and debate their divergences. Nothing makes life more exciting than a lively debate. So I’m making this suggestion to Christine, Carlos, and of course anyone else who feels like writing in French Gregg: could we not choose any topic of interest and debate it among ourselves? This way we wouldn’t just be posting transcriptions of other people’s texts, and our exchanges would feel a bit more personal and authentic (and probably with a higher degree of cross-series mutual intelligibility than when transcribing, say, a poem or literary work). Of course, beyond the substance, we could also bring comments and corrections to the form as we go along. What do you all think? Is this a good idea? If it is, maybe English Gregg writers could open anothe thread to do the same?

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  1. En fait, pour que le lien apparaisse, il faut qu'une fois que le logiciel ait fini de faire son 'crunching', le mot 'edit' apparaisse… et on doit cliquer sur ce mot.

    Dans l'absolu, je trouve que c'est une bonne idée, maintenant, je ne suis pas sûr que Carlos serait d'accord pour que l'on poste tout et n'importe quoi (il a quand même posté du Anatole France…). J'avais pensé à la réalisation d'un « cadavre exquis » et d'essayer de faire quelque chose de bien…

    J'avais pensé à cette idée pour les Anglophones mais, en anglais, il y a quand même quatre au moins versions de sténographie Gregg…


  2. Merci pour les explications techniques ! J’ai édité mon message précédent en conséquence. La suite :

    *TON écriture…

  3. As long as you keep the debate topics light, I'm fine with this idea. We have enough stress and strife in the world to bring it here to the blog.

    Debate about wine, cheese, movies, etc. Leave politics and religion out.

    Just my 2 cents.

      1. Une petite correction: certainement is just certain + ment, so write certain first and continue the m: right s – e – ten blend – m (no retrait). Right now it looks like right s – e – tem blend. It's a hard thing to write, I know. smiley

      1. Des petites corrections:

        1. aminceants: a-m-e-n-right s-a-n

        2. The e in Bent goes inside the curve formed by the b and the nt blend.

        3. The u in rouvrir does not blend with the v.

        4. Intérieur is written with the entr- prefix: disjoined n-r. Hence, à l'interieur has the a and the l joined to the n, written above the r. By the way, antérieur is nt blend-e-r-r.

        1. Thank you Carlos, great feedback as usual!

          1. I meant to write amincissants, but wasn’t quite sure how to writhe the double-S.

          2. I can’t seem to get used to this one! I keep making the same mistake all the time…

          3. and 4. Noted, thanks! I need to review my rules list a bit more 🙂

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