Dictation Files are up, GSF2

Here they are:
Gregg Simplified Functional 2nd Edition


I’m not sure if they’ll stay there. I can’t see how much disk space they use.

Everyone should be able to see them.

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  1. Cool-o. I would have loved these back when I was trying to learn sh-h from that book. I had my kids read to me a few times, but had no clue as to speed. Now I do pre-annie/annie.

    BTW–There's surely a better place to ask this question, but is there a way to post hyperlink so that they are click-able, instead of copy and paste?

    1. Thanks. Does that mean anytime someone posts a link it has to be copied and pasted, unless an admin fixes it? To prevent spammers? I'm thinking of my post yesterday which has a link or two. I tend not to notice links if they aren't "hypered."

    2. Replying to 1.b, no, by all means, make your links clickable, so that I don't have to edit them! My comment about spammers refers to access to documents — for example, my links to documents are clickable but if you're not registered, you cannot see the document.

    3. Replying to 1.b — there is a Link button when you compose the message. If you're replying, you have to use the html tag "< a href="enteryoururlhere" >Link< /a>." (Do not include the space between the < and the a.)

  2. Another thing: if you want to restrict access, you can do so too. You can decide that you only want certain people (those interested) in looking at your files. It keeps intruders and spammers away. I restrict access by e-mail.

    1. Replying to 3.a, there is no official public e-mail list, but I keep one as part of the migration. We can extend the restricted access to those dictation folders. Since I keep the list updated, it is no sweat from anyone's part.

      Cricket, if you want to do that, just send me a private note and I can tell you what to do. Or if you want to go through the contact route, that's another option. Whatever is easier.

    2. Re 3.c – I don't see the option to send a private note from your Blogger profile?

      I'd like to restrict my Today's Secretary scans to list members only as well once I get around to uploading them again, or make new ones.

      Perhaps you can send me email? first name dot last name at gmail.com, for example.

  3. If you have your documents in Google docs, and someone wants access, they have the option of sending you an e-mail directly too when they try to access the file.

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