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  1. That's a pretty interesting combination of old technique and modern technology. Plus it's nice to know that there are others out there finding Gregg to be useful.

    As someone who has only worked on Simplified, it's intriguing seeing some of the abbreviating principles of what I assume to be Anniversary. Of course, I also feel a bit slighted, since the author fails to mention that the Simplified manual is, in fact, still in print… (and apparently available on the Kindle now, too)

    1. Why don't you post a comment on the article talking about the different varieties of Gregg and making your observation about the Simplified manual? I think it would be welcome information!

  2. An interesting and factual article on what Gregg shorthand could accomplish. When I went to high school, shorthand was recommended as a voluntary study for those who would be going to college after graduation. Perhaps the summary of shorthand application would encourage people today to learn (and employ) the Gregg method. As stated elsewhere, the abbreviating principles are from Anniversary rather than Simplified.

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