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  1. I don't know what system this is, but I notice that it uses position writing with four positions. It's unusual to have four positions; the only case of that I've heard of is a modification of the Pitman system that some expert writers adopted. But this pretty clearly isn't Pitman.

  2. I've acquired a pdf of the Eclectic manual (1890 edition). Sure enough, Eclectic uses five positions. That must be awkward.

    Just from its appearance, it doesn't look like the present passage is written in Eclectic. (But maybe the difference that I'm seeing is just due to different handwriting styles.) I've tried to decrypt a couple of the outlines on the assumption that it is Eclectic, but I've gotten nowhere (perhaps due to my total lack of knowledge of the system).

    Anyway, I'd bet right now about 2 to 1 that this is not Eclectic. Does anyone here want to take up that bet and prove me wrong?

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