How do you get EXPRESSIVE with Gregg?

Sometimes I just want to SHOUT with all caps! Other times, I want to add some emphasis with an underline. Or maybe I want to highlight a word for later. But other than standard punctuation, I’m not sure how to get expressive with Gregg. Any pointers?

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    1. Correct. The wavy line is used for italics or for emphasis. On the other hand, all caps is something that is done with print letters, but not with cursive writing or shorthand; so if you want to do the same in shorthand you would probably need write each letter separately and put the capital mark underneath, which would be extremely inefficient and odd (or write that particular word in print in all caps instead). Why not write a double line underneath the word with the capital marks on so that you know it's supposed to be all caps? Just a suggestion.

  1. These are great suggestions! I appreciate the link to A Christmas Carol. It's neat to see how they did it. I've been trying it out. The only downside is sometimes there isn't enough space in between the lines to fit either the squiggly line or the double underline. I'll keep experimenting though!

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