Recommended reading?

I am reading “The History of Gregg Shorthand”, based on Mr. Gregg’s writings, and edited by Mr. Leslie, published in 1964.  I’m thoroughly enjoying it.  I got it through interlibrary loan.

I’m interested in reading more.  Could you recommend what you’ve found useful and enjoyable?
Thanks very much.

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  1. Mcbud, thank you very much. I'll make another library request. I would so enjoy being able to read all the issues of The Gregg Writer. I have a few, and sometimes consider answering some of the ads. (I did answer one in another periodical once, and actually got an answer. I was surprised that the organization was still in existence.)

  2. I liked "John Robert Gregg – the Man and his Work" by F. Addington Symonds, "The Factors of Shorthand Speed", by David Wolfe Brown, and "Twenty Shortcuts to Shorthand Speed" by Clyde Blanchard, among others. I also like reading the Gregg Writer.

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