Who wrote the plates for…..

Anniversary – Functional Method – Parts One and Two?   I received both in the mail today and I don’t see it indicated. 

On most of the other books that I now own (mostly Simplified) the plate writer is mentioned on the title page.  Most of the Simplified seem to have been written by Mr. Rader.   As Paul pointed out, Mr. Zoubek wrote one of the Simplified – Functional books (1st edition I believe)

In my very limited Gregg Shorthand journey, I have come to see the slight variations in style of the plate writers.

Just curious who did Anniversary – Functional Method.   The writing looks like someone new and I’m curious 🙂

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    1. Yes. Her writing has that nice "textbook" appearance. The plates in "Fundamental Drills" were also written by her and those are beautiful as well. Her style is worth emulating.

    1. They don't look dictated to me. However, the plates of "Functional Method Dictation" have that "dictated" look. I believe some of the plates in "Gregg Dictation and Transcription" were dictated.

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