My Typewriter is my Bodyguard

This entertaining selection written in Simplified appeared in the Septermber 1955 issue of Today’s Secretary.

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  1. This was a very entertaining read. It's really nice to work through these little stories. Not only are they fun to read but they are good for reminding me of the various abbreviating principles, as seen in practice.

    I'm stumped on one part, though. Page 2, second column, third line down: "Please send us your ? name and address." I get that the corrected version on the fourth line is "Full name and address" but I don't know what is above "full" on the mistake. Are they zeros? Disjoined letters?

  2. I think the odd raised marks are two cursive o's, and it means that the letter had first said "please send us your fool name and address."

    If that's right, I haven't seen such a way of disambiguating a vowel in an outline before.

    1. Yes, that is a common way of disambiguating an outline: to write the correct spelling on top of the outline. That system was commonly used when proper names could have multiple spellings (Anne vs. Ann, Elizabeth vs. Elisabeth, Phillip vs. Philip, Stewart vs Stuart, Rodgers vs. Rogers, etc.).

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