Can shorthand keep your mental skills sharp as we age?

At the beginning of the year, I received an email from Ms. Carmel Taylor, an Australian business teacher, asking if I knew of any in-person shorthand review courses that would meet regularly to hone their skills. The reason for the question was to investigate how can shorthand be used to assist healthy ageing and for dementia prevention. Carmel’s hypothesis is that by using shorthand, signs of dementia could be delayed or avoided. Recently, Carmel wrote a nice article about her experience and I asked her permission to share the link with the group.

Next February, Carmel will be tutoring a course at U3A (University of the Third Age), called “Revise your Shorthand Skills as you Train Your Brain.” U3A operates internationally with volunteer tutors providing intellectually stimulating courses for over 55s. I think this is terrific!

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  1. Wow, that is just fantastic!  I'm 50-something and this was one of the reasons I took up shorthand again, to help combat mental decline.

    I wonder what she meant in the article about "revising her theory" — did she mean review the theory– or is she finding ways to improve on the theory? 

    Great article!

  2. This is encouraging news.  The article is lovely.

    Better memory and thinking agility are part of why I took up learning shorthand.  I also very much enjoy the relationship of writing shorthand with a pen or pencil and the creative process of learning and thinking shorthand.  Writing shorthand has a lovely timelessness that is delightful.  Connectedness to those gone on, reading and writing the exquisite outlines, sharing in the process of learning, the joy of putting something useful on paper in a form that is so beautiful  —  so many treasures.

    It is a different rhythm and experience than writing in longhand in another language, or composing music with pen and staff paper.

    The beauty of Gregg shorthand and the multi-faceted harmony of learning, reading, and writing is unlike other things I do.  I find it very satisfying and rewarding.

    A special thank you to you, Carlos, for all your work and care in giving Gregg shorthand to those who come here.

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