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Hi guys,

I’m trying to work my way through the Gregg Shorthand Manual Simplified and have come across a sentence that I need help on. I get the second half but not the beginning. Could anyone help me figure it out? It’s number five.

I think this shows what I’m really frustrated about, which is that the manual doesn’t have an answer key. I keep getting stuck on a sentence, getting frustrated and putting the book down. I feel like I’m not making any progress.

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  1. I would be interested to know the page number as I have Gregg Shorthand Manual Simplified 1949 ed and also the 2nd edition of 1955 but I cannot find sentence "number five". Could you also say what edition of the Shorthand Manual Simplified you are using>

    1. My book is the 1960 edition on page 22. Do either of the editions you have include a key for the exercises? It is very frustrating trying to do these exercises and not being able to check my work or know if I have it correct. It is undermining my ability to learn. 

      1. Kelsey, are you in the UK? That page is from the second edition of the UK version of the Simplified manual, written by Ernest Crockett, which does not contain a key. The only manuals that have the key included with the book are the functional method manuals (Gregg Shorthand Simplified – Functional Method), either the first (1949),

        or the second edition (1955):

          1. You're welcome! Since the lessons in the UK and US manuals are for the most part correlated, and since the practice material is different between the books, you can still use the UK manual for additional practice while having the US functional method manual as your main text.

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