Online Dictation

I haven’t actually tried it (family quiet time), but it looks promising. Not as nice as downloadable sound files, but still useful.

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  1. Thanks for the link, Cricket. I tried "Dear Sir" at 60 wpm, and the robotic voice distorted the sound of each word so that each would last one second. If you try longer words, it speeds it up somewhat, so apparently is counting words and not syllables for the speed. At 150 wpm, and with longer texts it still sounds robotic. Interesting idea though.

  2. Not surprising. My old program added space between words for slower speeds.

    Disappointing, though, since most of us want to start much slower.

    As for counting words vs syllables, they're usually close enough for personal use.

    I wonder how accurate the speed setting is. Cepstral's speed setting was seriously messed up. In one range, adding 10wpm created only a tiny increase, then suddenly it started creating a large increase. A good chunk of the program was calibration. If this program uses the same TTS engine (unlikely) it could have the same problem.

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