O. Henry Stories in Gregg Shorthand

Please help me test a new PDF file that contains ten O. Henry short stories written in Gregg Shorthand. The stories were serialized in 22 issues of the Gregg Writer magazine. All of the stories are in the public domain.

This PDF file is not viewable on the Internet Archive viewer. You need to download the zip file on the Internet Archive web page and extract the PDF file.

Please use the bookmarks in the PDF file to navigate to the stories.

I want to make sure that the PDF file and bookmarks work on any PDF reader. If you are able to view the file, please comment and mention the PDF readers and devices that you used.

Here is the link:



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  1. Thanks for all of your feedback regarding the functionality of this PDF file. The only problem I had with it was failed uploading to the Internet Archive. I finally had to put it in a zip file on the Internet Archive. 

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