The Hour for Meditation

The importance of taking time for meditation was recognized even in the early part of the 20th century, when this small article appeared in many newspapers of the era. Here it is transcribed in Centennial Gregg by me for the blog.

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  1. Timely! The notes from my weekly meditation group often have "lookup outline for meditation", but I never get around to it.

    Expa?? Espa?? Be brave. Write down each letter and what it might mean, give my best guess to Google, and try not to be surprised when it suggests the proper spelling. I learned a new word, and will use this method more often.

    Half an hour of meditation each day is essential, except when you are busy. Then a full hour is needed. — Several Buddhist teachers and also Saint Francis de Sales.

    "Yet all this is" Is there a reason for the E circle instead of the YE loop? Easy enough to read in context, but it took a 2nd try. Also in "and yet be a very bad manager. It's probably a difference between versions.

    Those times when managers could take it more easy never existed! They have always worked as hard as they could, with whatever resources they had, pencil or spreadsheet. Work grows to fill the time, or they hire fewer people to do it.

    Please confirm (or correct) "Real meditation is an activity not a relaxation N-T (in it??) there  O-T-B (ought to be???) the control of the (O-T??) will."

    Thanks again for the regular practice and more interesting material.

    1. You're welcome!

      "Yet" in Simplified and DJS is a brief form written "e-t" (no loop). The loop in "yet" is for Anniversary and earlier. Also, the loop for ye- was replaced by the e circle in Series 90 and Centennial. By eliminating the ye- loop, a brief-form for "yet" is not necessary because it is written according to principle.

      "Real meditation is an activity, not a relaxation. In it there ought to be the control of the will."

        1. That's why I recommend not to switch series during the learning phase, :-). Learning other series is perfectly fine once we have a solid base that we can rely on.

      1. No YE loop? How do they tell yellow from hello? (And does it really cause that much confusion?)

        Did they keep the YA loop? A before D is often a problem for me. I could probably fix it with more drills, but if it's not important maybe I just won't worry about it.

        (I need to analyze my problems more. It seems that curves going from Northwest to Center then South, and Northwest to North then South, are problems for me. I need to work on those ellipse exercises.)

        1. There is a h-dot in "hello", smiley. The ya loop was also eliminated, so the only difference between "yard" and "hard" is the h-dot as well.

          The authors eliminated these loops because they were hard to write.

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