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  1. Yes, I can read it! Very nice.

    I would make the d and t more distinct (t shorter and d longer). By context, one can figure out which one is which, but in some cases they look the same.

    You can phrase "and I will", "you say", "you will see", "you see", and "here and there" (there is no "and" in that phrase).

  2. D and T have been problems for a long time. I studied DJS first, and it doesn't introduce DD for a long time, so I used to make D the full height. Excuses, excuses. In theory, I can use the line spacing to standardize them. In practice? Not so easy.

    "And I will" is worth phrasing. The others worry me since they're not common phrases. That book is so repetitive that I could spell it out once, and phrase it the rest of the time. I'll think about them. Every other time I've said something will be impossible to read, I've been proven wrong.


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