Tennis Elbow

I’ve been unable to write much the last few weeks because of bad tendinitis in my right elbow.  I think it was a combination of too much Gregg coupled with too much yardwork, and then ignoring the warning signs until the pain was quite severe.  Has anyone else ever experienced this problem?


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  1. I did. Several times. But never with Gregg. And never the elbow. The first time, I worked too much on computer at a not ideal work position. All the muscles on my back locked.
    The second time, it was when I was learning the Morse code and was taking notes by hand. Only my right shoulder suffered from it, this time.
    I never used Gregg for an extended period. When it stops being a pleasure, I quit.

  2. Yes, but not the elbow. Trigger finger from writing too much and arthritis pain in my thumb from knitting too much. My doctor had me taking one ibuprofen four times a day and it wouldn't touch the pain.

    I was sent to a specialist who said to take four ibuprofen once a day. He said it had to be all at once to stop the inflammation. It really worked for me.

  3. Triple threat got me 2 days ago, with a longer-than usual kayak trip, normal amount of games on the tablet, and way more than usual tatting (move tatting shuttle over and under, and under and over, other thread). Wrist and joint where index finger meets hand. Then today I organized files on the computer, so mousing on the temp office table (since my pre-pandemic office is in the living room).

    Not happy.

    I'll try the max ibuprophen tonight. Makes sense.

    1. Four ibuprofen pills all at once is considered an overdose by the manufacturers. I suggest you should not take so much without a doctor's recommendation. Note that Lisa had such a recommendation. All in all, I think this blog is a very bad forum for exchanging medical advice.

  4. I wound up buying a brace for my arm.  It seems to help quite a bit, although I kept the shorthand to three pages today.  Hopefully things will heal up if I give it some rest (and yes, the occasional ibuprofen too, to reduce swelling).


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