Weider’s Home Gym ad

From the 1960’s.  Motivation to exercise after Thanksgiving dinner (or any other time).

Attachment: weider-home-gym.pdf

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  1. Very cool and legible! Thanks for posting.

    Two minor theory things: (1) "dumb" is d-m (no blend), so "dumbbell" is written without the blend, and (2) "at any" is ten blend-e.

    1. You're welcome! By the way, "at any future time" can be written in one outline: ten blend-e-f-t-tem blend. However, if you want to write "at any rate", you leave the e out: ten blend-r-a.

      It's a handy expedient to know.

  2. Fantastic!! I have never used the Weider's Home Gym set, but based on your transcription, I see it is compact and versatile, and I can expect fast results.  

    Loved this – thank you! Susan Johnston 

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