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I’ve been slowly incorporating some elements of Anniversary into my DJS shorthand, the latest one being the tiv/div blend at the end of words (as in active, which I used to write with a normal T stroke and a V.

However, as I wondered about the best angle to position the DEV blend right after the K curve (which is making me distort the K at the moment), I looked for words containing this -ctive, -ctivity ending in Sénécal’s anniversary manual, and found out that the T is actually left out (active is written akv). Yet I can’t find any explicit rule about this in the manual. It seems pretty consistent though, as I’ve noticed the same thing in constrictive, destructive, restrictive, etc.

Could anyone point me to a place in the English or French manual where this rule is clearly spelled out?

Thank you.

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  1. On page 113 of this PDF version of the English manual (corresponding to “real page” 97):

    “When slightly enunciated, t is omitted at the end of many words.”

    And then, on page 138 (real page 122):

    “In forming the derivatives of words ending in ct, as in contract, […] The t is omitted in the primitive form […] and also in its derivatives.”

    There are examples of outlines following these rules on those pages. 🙂

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