I was going over some writing exercise in the anniversary manual to regain some “lost” outlines and principles.  In para 226(4) when writing batteries I wrote   .

But when checking the correct form afterwards I saw that battery is and so presumably batteries is .

I think I’ll stick to my outline because (1) it is easier to write than the final tangle of small characters in the correct version (2) the A is the most pronounced of the vowels (3) I do not pronounce battery as bat-er-y, but as bat-ree.  I don’t think this will lead to confusion at any point.  Will it?

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  1. If one is speaking American English, one pronounces “battery” with three syllables. I do not know how “battery” is pronounced in, say, England or Australia.

  2. In the dictionary,the word “memory” is “mem-r-e”, with no reverse-r loop, and I pronounce battery and memory very similarly.  So I think your outline for battery is perfectly fine, and I agree that it is far easier to write.


    1. Interesting position of the S — less entangled.
      I see the Anniversary avoided the ’employee’ difficulty with the brief form. I think they created a lot of brief forms to avoid similar ‘problems’ (as well as for word frequency reasons of course).

  3. Your outline of “batteries” is correct for both Simplified and Diamond Jubilee.

    As someone who learned DJS in the 1960s, this is a good example of why some things in Anniversary are mysteries to me.



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