1902 Gregg Shorthand Manual – 4th Version

Here is the 1902 Gregg Shorthand Manual.  It is the 4th Version of the manual. 

Here are the various Pre-Anniversary and Anniversary Versions:
1888 1st Version – Liverpool limited press of 500.  Reproduction.
1893 2nd Version – First US version – Don’t have
1898 3rd Version
1902 4th Version
1916 5th Version
1929 6th Version 

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(by Paul for
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    1. Thanks. Rather irritatingly, the book doesn’t have an answer key, so I can’t use it as a writing exercise! Does anyone know where I can find a set of solutions for this book?

        1. Still could be similar enough for reading and writing practice? Differences between 1916 and 1902 are more prefixes/suffixes, less aggressive phrasing, more brief forms?

          1. The 1902 edition is less abbreviated than the 1916 edition. If you're looking for additional practice material, I think Anniversary books would be the way to go as they are much more readily available than publications that follow the 1902 manual, and are still similar to the 1916 edition.

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