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I am posting an updated version of some flashcards that I posted some time ago. I have modified the audio and moved the cards over to an application that is free online for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Consequently, the flashcard package is one simple file that can easily be imported into the application. The decks comprise the vocabulary found in Units 1 through 36 (27, 29, 31, 32 omitted for the time being) of the Gregg Shorthand Anniversary Edition. The file is titled collection.apkg and as such will replace the any pre-existing decks in your Anki, this should make no difference to you if you are using Anki for the first time. I imagine you should be able to change the title of the package, if you prefer, and add it to your pre-existing collection, but I have only tested it with its present filename.

Flashcard format – Side 1: written word in longhand + spoken word (audio text-to-speech); Side 2: word in shorthand (with subpar image quality, but legible). There are shortcut keys you can use to speed through the cards, and you can modify the number of cards it allows you to study for the day. I would generally use the cram feature to overcome that restriction altogether.

LINK to free flashcard application (Anki 2):

LINK to flashcards package:

  • Anki versions older than 2.1 (.apkg format), click here.
  • Anki versions 2.1 and later (.colpkg format), click here.

EDIT: Here is a screenshot of how it looks on my computer. (note: there are more than 20 flashcards per unit, but the program has its own algorithm that schedules only 20/day for memorization under the preset settings.)

I realize this may not help advanced Greggers?.. Greggies?.. much, but I hope it is helpful nonetheless to someone.

One last thing to point out is that someone else has made some Anki flashcards for Simplified and shared them through


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  1. I made the Simplified deck. There's no audio. I'm going to re-do them when I have time to turn them into an overall review of the Simplified system, including brief forms.

    When I have time…

    1. You need to click below where it reads "Short Answer." That would let you go through the deck.

      It would be nice to create decks with brief forms, or correlated with the lessons of the manual.

    2. I was under the impression that the program uploaded the decks according to unit (as I created the decks in that way, See Screenshot Above). Also, hitting the spacebar should advance you to the next card. I'm not sure if some of these setting got lost when I exported the deck. As far as a dictation, you might be better off using a text to speech program, or as Carlos suggested powerpoint, though I haven't tried that out personally.

    1. 1. Make a presentation with each slide having the outline and the audio for each word you want. To insert the audio file in the presentation, click here.

      2. Once you have your presentation ready, set it to advance automatically after the each slide is played. To advance a presentation automatically, click here.

      3. Finally, if you save your presentation as a show, it will "dictate" the words automatically!

      I tried it and it works.

  2. anyone having issues with Anki web?

    the deck works without problems on Android, but on iOS it's a struggle… it just shows empty white square where the Gregg is supposed to be

    1. A while back, many users of iOS were having this issue. One of the solutions was to add styling to the cards, as shown here. I'm not sure if it will work (I don’t use iOS), but regardless, if you have issues, I'd suggest to open a ticket with Anki. They seem to be responsive.

      1. Thanks Chuck, I've looked into this. The problem seems not to be iOS specific, I have the same issue on web, although there I could see clearly that the image could not be displayed (broken link to image) and looking further I've figured out the images for this deck that I imported to Anki are indeed unavailable e.g. trying to access directly gives 404, whereas another shared deck that is available in Anki doesn't have this issue (, for example, can be opened directly). I'll investigate further and let you know if I find a solution.



        1. Using the desktop application with this deck, the word in type is shown and read aloud first (no shorthand). So, for example, the first word in the deck is "hate" in longhand and when you hit Enter, the word in type and its shorthand outline appear together, along with a voice reading the word. Is this what you're seeing?

          I was thinking that maybe a reverse deck could be created that shows the shorthand outline first.

          1. what version of the desktop app do you use Chuck? for me the links are simply broken when I import the deck, only text is correctly displayed, but audio and shorthand can't be found. doesn't work on the web, desktop or ios app, the only place where I managed to make it work is the android app…

              1. Thanks Chuck, might be the new version I'm using (2.1.44) doesn't support this older file format.

                phew, a few days later and I finally figured it out. so the file attached in the original post doesn't extract media files into the proper location and that's why the audio and image files weren't accessible.
                the root cause might be that the latest Anki versions store the files in appdata folder. (%APPDATA%\Anki2) whereas older versions of Anki stored files in a folder called Anki in under Documents folder. but this is just a guess.

                To resolve the issue, I've extracted the media files from the package manually, given them correct names, added them to the correct folder, and again exported the whole thing as a collection (.colpkg rather than an .apkg ). 
                Now when importing this collection to Anki and after syncing with their cloud, you can use the deck on desktop, android, iOS (use AnkiPro, it's free) and web.

                Hope it saves someone all the sweat and effort laugh


  3. Many thanks for these; they will surely aid with recognition and fluency.

    I'm a longstanding Anki user (for learning vocabulary in foreign languages) so I needed to convert .colpkg to .apkg, so as not to lose existing decks; or so I thought.

    First I tried adding the Gregg material to an Anki instance not connected to the web, and exporting it as .apkg, but for some reason this didn't work (the Gregg forms didn't display). So I did it the other way round: exported my existing decks, imported Gregg (wiping everything) then re-imported the other material, and synced to AnkiWeb.

  4. I'm new to this site and am still browsing around to familiarize myself with it. Coming across things like Anki – never heard of it, what a great resource! – is expanding my learning way beyond just refreshing my DJ shorthand skills. I'm running Windows 10; which version of Anki should I download (the most recent?) to access these flashcards?

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