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Last month(ish), someone commented on a post showing two very different writing styles. (I can’t find the post, sigh.) One was cramped, one took up a lot of space. I’d see the post before, but never taken it to heart.

This time, I paid attention. I’ve been writing on every line in my book, to save space, and trying to make the vertical strokes just a bit taller than the space between the lines.

I finally tried skipping lines. That extra white space is making a big difference, even though my vertical strokes haven’t changed size. Part of it might be because I don’t have to worry about bits of previous lines interfering. I think, though, it’s the open space. It just feels better.

So, thanks for bringing that article to the top!



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  1. For note-taking or general writing, I also feel that most lined paper is a bit cramped, even Gregg-Ruled paper can feel that way sometimes.  The most comfortable spacing for me seems to be 9mm or 10mm and so I usually use the dot-grid notebooks where each dot is 5mm and so I write on every other "line" to achieve a nice, open vertical spacing that is extremely legible and pretty to look at.  The plates in the Anni textbooks definitely seem closer to this spacing than actual Gregg-ruled spacing to my eye.

    For dictation practice I still use Gregg ruled (which is about 8.5mm) and that seems adequate, but then I'm not too concerned about it looking good when doing dictation practice.

    1. In most Gregg books (except the Centennial books and some Series 90 books), the plates were written with 3/8" line spacing, and yes, it is a very comfortable spacing for writing. But one can achieve a similar result with Gregg ruling with practice.

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