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I read Gregg stenography has been adapted to French in Canada to facilitate the switch between French and English. Still Gregg is phonetic…

For example, « ocean » is represented by “o-sh” in English Gregg. I don’t know how it is represented in French Gregg. But if the word in French is almost completely the same, on the other hand the pronunciation is different and the form is, probably, more like “o-s” (which is already the brief form for « aussi » and « office »)

So I wonder, what is/was favored? Readability or pronunciation?


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  1. Pronunciation almost always wins, except in the case of brief forms and sometimes in other abbreviated words, which retain some correspondence in some cases for ease of writing.

    A good rule to follow is that the shorthand system is adapted to the language, and not the language to the shorthand system.

    Incidentally, in French, "ocean" is written o-right s-dashed circle-n in Anniversary, and with the dotted circle in Simplified or later.

  2. Right, you’re right about « océan ». I found the word in the Sénécal…

    I thought about “o-s” because I heard that the Sénécal Gregg and the Anniversary version were related. And all what I have as a dictionary is the Anniversary Dictionary. And using what is looking like a brief form makes the words « océanique » et « océanographie » easier to be written.

    Thank you, Carlos.

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