It looks like the outline for the word shortage represents an exception to the guidelines for the placement of an outline.  Mr. Rader (in the 2nd edition of the Simplified manual) writes the outline so that the j extends half its length below the baseline, rather than placing it on the baseline.  I’m guessing it is written this way to avoid having the disjoined sh get mixed up with the strokes in the line above.

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  1. The original instruction by Dr. Gregg was to place disjoined prefixes slightly above the writing line so that it indicates that it is a prefix and continue the word at or below that point. Hence, Rader writes the sh slightly above the line (middle of the space), and continues the "age" part at the same level, or slightly below. However, you will see variations between writers. Some will put the sh on top of the line, so that the j starts at its normal position, while others place the j slightly below the sh so that it indicates that it is a suffix. There is a lot of variation on this — as long as you can transcribe it, it's fine.

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