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  1. If the hand m u n e f e s e nt e

    I lift up my hand and g-a-f

    P-n-t it with w-o-n and h-u (I suspect those are official phrases and brief forms that I forgot)

    Once again, reading your racing he's made me look critically at my own.

    Your M and MN are much longer than mine. That throws me off when I read, but I think it's more readable than mine once I'm used to it. Your B, V, J, are all longer as well. I think it's because you double space, and I still object to using the extra paper. The result is less readable, and slower because I have to be more precise.

    For prose, even written larger, a line of Gregg is almost two lines of long hand. It'smore wasteful for point form, 5 words every other line instead of five words each line, but paper is cheap.

    Thanks again for interesting reading in a different hand.

    1. 1. munificently

      2. "I lift up my hand and gaze upon it with wonder and awe." For "gaze", I write two marks so that you don't read "gas": one for the vowel and another for the z. For "awe", notice that the dot position is under the vowel, and not above, so it is not an h (which goes above), but a diacritical mark to clarify the pronunciation of the vowel (so that you don't say "of", "off", "oh", "owe").

      1. I gave up too soon on everything but munificently. Even then, I should have trusted myself. The words sounded vaguely familiar, but not familiar enough.

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