Word and Sentence Drills for Gregg Shorthand (Anniversary)

I just finished scanning and uploaded Mark I. Markett’s Word and Sentence Drills for Gregg Shorthand (Anniversary Edition).  It’s a useful book for lists of related words and sentences designed to reinforce specific parts of Gregg theory and refers to the Manual with which it should obviously be used in conjunction. There was a version available on the Internet but it was for Pre-Anniversary Gregg.


As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts, if any, about this text, Carlos 🙂

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  1. Yet another scan! Awesome, and thank you. I have dutifully archived it. The "lists of related words" feature seems like it will be particularly useful for me. It helps me to see a group of outlines together that are very similar to each other so I can internalize the differences better.

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