Really Bad Penmanship – Need Help with Translation

This is a real head scratcher. The writer is now deceased. She learned shorthand back in the 1940s. When she wrote this, she was experiencing a very difficult time in her life. That’s the extent of the information I have. Here’s my best effort at translation so far. Any assistance would be appreciated:

maybe need to talk to someone

would you be able to pay ___?

do you know anything about it?

________________________ Dr. K


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  1. Wow, this is tough. 

    Maybe line 4  I read as DO YOU WORK FOR A  can't get last 2 words 

    I read the last 2 words H  A  D  and  H  A  R which I can't make sense of

    Maybe line 5  I read as I SHOULD (or) SHUT can't get last 2 words I read the

    last 2 words as E  S M or N  A K  and E T E MEN sorry I hope you can get it 

    what a mystery!

  2. I think line 2 is "Would you be able to pay it?"
    I think the matter is financial.
    I can't read the longhand well, but in Gregg near the bottom she mentions 24-25 thousand dollars.
    Also I can make out in the longhand equitable – which tends to be about insurance.

  3. I'm pretty stumped, but third line could be, "Due to insurance I am thinking about it." Insure/insurance in Anni is "n-sh."

    Could also fit with the context clues Nitin Ichi is pointing out (good eye!).

  4. I'm sorry I'm so late responding to all of you who chimed in with help. I've been under the weather (thankfully, not COVID!) I very much appreciate all of your comments, and yes, they did help – a lot!

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