Need Help Finding Manual

Anyone know where I can find an online version of the Gregg Manual Simplified? I’m interested, but not interested in paying big Canadian bucks for a book (I’m only 15). If not available online, can anyone scan it?

(by leetmitationisticalism for everyone)

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  1. It is not available online because it is currently under copyright and still printed by McGraw-Hill.

    However, the more advanced Anniversary version, published 20 years before it, is fully and freely available at my Web site, in PDF format. Also there is the Second Edition, published 13 years prior there.

    Do not be afraid of a more difficult version if you do not wish to spend money for a simplified version. 🙂

    (Else, you could just scope out some antique book stores).

  2. Just go buy one, you know you want to.  It's only like $15 to $20 at Barns & Nobles or Wal-Mart.  That's like, what, a movie ticket these days?  Just kidding!     (…but it really is) __________________________ Praise the Lord, I saw the light line!

  3. Mr S:  It's $25 CAD at our national retailer.   L33t:  you could ask at your library for a copy — the Toronto Public Library system has a number of copies of Diamond Jubilee Series, and it looks like one copy of the Simplified Manual.   Failing that, ask your local or school librarian for an interlibrary loan — in Canada the loans are usually free of charge, and I'm sure that there must be a copy of the manual in Montreal or the Eastern Townships. has a few copies for under $5.00 USD.   Don't you have a rich aunt or something?    

  4. In response to the last message: how WOULD you send it? And also, I'll think about taking up Anniversary. I like challenges. And also the fact that we don't say "I am in receipt of your esteemed favour on the 4th inst. [from the angelfishy site]" Who'd say that these days?

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