Anniversary: detail

I’ve just looked up ‘detail’ in my dictionary.
It’s given as ‘det-a-l’ (which is just like Simplified) but the previous owner has written ‘det-reverse loop’ in pencil next to it. For ‘detailed’, they’ve written the same thing with a disjoined t, instead of the ‘det-a-ld’ that’s indicated.
Is that a Pre-Anniverary thing?

(by kevinwal for everyone)

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  1. Yes, of course the line is longer. I hadn't thought of that!   The reverse r takes quite a bit of getting used to, if you're coming from Simplified. Does Anniversary not have the 'rd' outline? I'm only on Unit 10, but I haven't seen it yet.

  2. The -rd stroke is not in Anniversary. Before Simplified, we used an r and a disjoined t for words that end with that -rd stroke. The -rd stroke isn't quite as necessary when you have the vowel reversal principle and omission principles. 🙂

  3. The r + disjoined t to indicate -rd only applies to past tenses of verbs ending in r. For other words that end in -ard, -erd, -ird, or -urd, you use the reverse circle vowel symbol + d (large circle for -ard, small circle for -erd, -ird, and -urd). If they end in -ord, the r is omitted and it is written "o – d".

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