Where is “Angelfishy”?

Dear Folks,
Reading through all the old postings here has been very illuminating.  I note frequent references to the site called “Angelfishy” and I notice that on other sites there are links to it; however, I have not been able to access it.  Every time I try to click on the hyperlink, I get a message saying “not available.”  Is it just me, or is the site down?  I am very intrigued by what sounds like a fascinating site, but am frustrated that I haven’t been able to access it.  Help!

(by jim for everyone)

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  1. Yes, I changed the host on the 15th. I am working on getting it to work at http://www.angelfishy.net/gregg/ ; however, the SSI is not working for some reason. Once that clears up, http://www.angelfishy.net/gregg/ should be the permanent address of the page (No more freeserver).

    As I said, the SSI is not working right now; probably due to a server-specific SSI pattern that I didn't put into the page. (SSI stands for Server-Side Includes, which is what I use to have the navigation bar displayed and the year updated at the bottom. It basically takes the content of another page and inserts it into the page upon loading on the server's side. This is to prevent having to update each page with a new navigation bar when a topic is added. I just have to update one file.

    Once it works, the site should work beautifully.

    Thanks for your interest, all! It is always good to see that my work is important to you. 🙂

    The reason for the amount of time this is taking is that I changed servers as I was leaving for the UK for ten days. I just got home yesterday and am now working on the site.

    —Andw. Owen

  2. The site is now fully up! I am working around making it more and more XHTML valid, so that it is very well-formed code. The site is completely accessible at the address, http://gregg.angelfishy.net/ as I have been trying to phase out that 1asphost version.

    I am slowly but surely working on the meticulous job of typesetting and hyperlinking the index of the Gregg Manual on the right. It surely takes patience.

    I have corrected things here and there.

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