Dictation Uploaded

Finally! Well, partially.

Some of the files I prepared for myself are up. They’re Simplified Functional. The lessons are the same as the regular Simplified, but there are a few more.

So far, only some of Assignments 11 and 12 are up. The rest are waiting.


The files are pretty large. Each file contains several speeds of a single passage, and is 5 to 15 MB. I will experiment with lower sample rates later.

If there’s a way to organize the files here so they’re easy to find, I’d be happy to transfer them.

Help in completing the set would be appreciated — either recording or changing the tempo. Contact me first so we don’t work on the same things. The recordings don’t have to be exact, just a constant speed in the middle of the range. I use the cheap mic that came with the computer.


Cricket for everyone)

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  1. Also, I just read it's bad to save as mp3, then edit and resave. I should have saved the working copies in a lossless format. Conversion to mp3 is the last step. Not sure how many files this affects.

    If any of the files are worse than average (for the project's value of average), let me know.


  2. Done. Framework of site for files up to lesson 18, including list of theory per chapter and cross-referencing the two books I have. There's not a lot of difference yet. Sound files for two lessons (11 and 12) uploaded. Now to actually use those files.

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