I read a lot of shorthand to enhance my writing speed.  I am conversant with Pre-Anniversary, Anniversary, and Simplified, so I don’t usually have too much trouble reading short forms and phrasing, but I’m stumped on this one. 

Does anyone have a copy of Direct-Method Materials for Gregg Shorthand?  My question is on page 166, second sentence, which reads “Very often, furniture styles ______(?) the traits of the people of a country.”  The sign looks like T-A-V, disjoined T, and it doesn’t suggest a word or a phrase that makes sense to me ??

Can anyone help?  Thanks!

(by Mary for everyone)

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  1. You're in good company. In my copy of the book, the same sign is circled, indicating — I assume — that its original owner was stumped at this point. I am, too. For those who don't have the book, the sign in question is:

    TEV+disjoined T. Since one would ordinarily expect TEV to be represented by the standard sign blend, I would otherwise be inclined to suppose that the sign actually reads:

    TESF+disjoined T, with a poorly indicated S, and read "testified". Yet, that's not how "testify" is written. Got me.

  2. I, too, confess I ran across an outline which stumped me for a couple of minutes. I purchased this book of which I had been unaware until the initial post of this thread, last week and received it this morning. Opening the package without consulting the message board I half remembered 'page 126 and opened to that page. At the end of the first line I had no idea what VCAB stood for but reading on, "vocabulary" jumped out of the page at me. So cool and pleasurable to read connected material like this. The edition I received is remarkably clean and neat for a book printed in 1942. This group has said it before but I repeat it's always a pleasure to read plates originated by Winifred Kenna Richmond. If you want more reading material following Anniversary theory, I heartily recommend (despite its overwhelming title) the present volume.

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