The Declaration of Independence

In celebration of the 4th of July, I have written The Declaration of Independence in Anniversary, Simplified, DJS, and Series 90. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing.

(Originally published July 12, 2011.)

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    1. Thanks! I actually write Anniversary with Pre-Anniversary mixed in. For the other series, I know the general rules and brief forms, but since they are less abbreviated than Anniversary, there is much less to remember in comparison, and therefore, it wasn't difficult for me to come up with the correct outlines.

    2. You do such great work with this site I don't wish to argue with you, but in reference to "connect" and its derivatives why don't you check the Anniversary Dictionary, page 40? I looked it up out of curiosity when reading the Anniversary Declaration of Independence earlier this morning before I wrote the original query regarding "connect". Certainly it's correct to write the other examples you gave inserting the M or N following the K.

    3. This prompted me to look this up: I completely forgot that "connect" is one of those pesky "special forms" at the end of the book. (Now, why the heck does one need a special form for this word, when it can be easily written with the added n and follow the rule on paragraph 81?)

      Thanks for pointing this out. The document has been corrected.

      1. The word "comment" seems to be more common than "connect", and was even the more common of the two for the entire twentieth century, if Google N-Gram Viewer is to be believed. So maybe Gregg should have abbreviated "comment" as k-e-nt. But he didn't.

    1. LOL, you guys are too picky, :-).

      I updated the document. I don't always write according to theory, so yes Marc, you have to read the whole thing to let me know if you find any more theory disagreements!

    2. Now that Marc has K-E-K-T as Anniversary proofreader, I can relax securely and enjoy my retirement! LOL

      Hope everyone had a very happy 4th of July holiday.

      Carlos, although my primary shorthand is Anniversary with an occasional Pre-Anniversary form, I might employ a Simplified variant for an infrequently read or written outline. My Pre-Anniversary faves include the disjoined prefixes for proper names such as Peterson or Patterson, as well as some of the older phrasing shortcuts and indicating "-ing" by writing the next word where the dot would be. But I do admire your ability to switch from version to version like a mini Joanne Woodward in "The Many Faces of Gregg". LOL

  1. Thanks for posting this again this year, Carlos! For us shorthand enthusiasts, it adds some festiveness to a holiday that COVID-19 has made less festive in other ways.

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