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  1. Nicely readable, even the outlines that have a slightly different form from what I'm used to.

    My penmanship is not up to these standards yet, but at least this gives me an opportunity to practice and a clear idea what I'm aiming for. Appropriate, since I wandered into shorthand after working through the calligraphy books at the library back in high school!

    Thanks a lot!

  2. Originally, mostly DJS, with a little Simplified thrown in, but I found the Pre-Anniversary and Anniversary manuals in college and found they made more sense to me. For the last month or so, I've been working on a thorough review of Anniversary. I'm currently on Unit 9, which is why the 'th' of faithfully threw me for a moment — I'd just re-read the rule that says it would go the other way in that situation.

  3. That's good to know. "Faith" is written with the left th, but "faithful" is written with the right th for legibility, as there is no word like "fatherful", :-). If you know DJS and Simplified, you should be able to go through the beginning of Anniversary manual relatively quickly, although you will be learning more brief forms in comparison to DJS.

  4. Yes, it did go pretty quickly — college was a while ago 🙂

    I'm reviewing to brush up on all the things I've forgotten over the years, or maybe never learned properly in the first place (like th-f).

    I'm spending extra time on writing practice to shake some of the bad habits I've picked up, like trying to squeeze another word or two at the end of a line, or leaving extra space to avoid bumping into a descending stroke from the line above. Ironically, it's easier to read if you just write through it, as in this example.

    I'm also enjoying reading some of the literature printed in shorthand — something I didn't know existed back then.

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