A question about different books

I’ve been looking at used shorthand books online and I’ve come across “Individual Progress Method,”
“Structured Learning Method,”  and “Programmed Gregg Shorthand, Experimental Edition.”
Does anyone have any idea what the difference is in these books?

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    1. If you're not familiar with programmed instruction, each lesson is divided in smaller portions. A principle is introduced, and immediately there are questions related to that particular principle to make sure the student understands. If the student responds correctly, then he/she can proceed to the next subdivision, and continue as such until the end of the lesson. So the key feature is that each lesson is divided in smaller blocks.

      The individual progress method was also designed for individual instruction, but the approach is slightly different, as the lessons (40 of them) are not subdivided. In comparison to the Programmed book, the individual progress method contains more connected material (paragraphs, letters).

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