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  1. Sometimes I don't get to read an article here as soon as it's posted, and that's the case with this one. It happens, too, that I've had trouble with a few words here. I'd appreciate it if someone (Carlos?) could clue me in. Here are the troublesome passages.

    page 2 column 1

        lines 5 to 7: … the law classified women with idiots and criminals as e-r-s-p persons.

        lines 11 to 12 : A woman became s-f-ily dead as soon as she married …


    page 2 column 2 lines 5 to 7:

    A few e-r-th even mentioned that women also ought to have more freedom.


    page 3 column 2 line -2 to page 4 column 1 line 2

    She needed more experience is what are called worldly affairs and oddly enough, the h-u-n-e-m-u-s supplied it.

    1. Here you go:

      1. e-r-left s-p: irresponsible ("responsible" is a brief form in Centennial)

      2. s-v-ily: civilly (but I forgot the "e", so my bad — I corrected it).

      3. e-r-th: here and there (it needed an h-dot to make it clear, so I added it).

      4. h-oo hook-n-e-m-oo hook-n: honeymoon

  2. Thanks, Carlos. I realized that e-r-s-p was "irresponsible" shortly after I asked about it, but didn't get back online to mention it. I notice I had a typo: h-u-n-e-m-u-s instead of …-u-n.

  3. I should have gotten "Honeymoon". It's a word I've encountered before in shorthand, and read with no trouble. But somehow I kept reading the outline as "Hanuman", which I knew had to be wrong. Just one of those mental glitches, I suppose. Now I wonder how best to write "Hanuman". Maybe h-u-n-e-m-a-n, with diacritics?

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